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“It is in our darkness where we grow the most. There would be no light if we didn’t have a context for darkness." ~Valerie Frazier 2023 

As a coach, I apply the experience, knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to create and hold a safe and supportive space where grieving people can freely express themselves without fear of judgment. A space to learn about the process, be empowered to take control of the grief journey, and make decisions that bring them peace of mind.

As a Coach, I recognize that grief can be an overwhelming, confusing, and isolating experience, but we do not have to go through it alone. I have created small-group-facilitated workshops that help us to connect with others who have gone through similar experiences. We are building communities of like experiences so we don’t feel alone in the wilderness.
These workshops allow you to breathe freely; build the confidence and resilience necessary to transform the grief process with meaning, with a sense of purpose and in the shortest time possible.

Words to LIVE By



Sometimes, the place that you're used to is not where you belong.



Your life is bigger than you. See it through.



Forgive or be the victim of your choice not to.

Knowledge is a road to freedom and empowerment

If you can name a thing, you can manage a thing

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