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“I look for what I am in others, a reflection of myself; it’s hard to find…and that’s okay. This is my life's journey, and I am grateful for it - Come what may.”

~Valerie Frazier 2023 

Grief is a subject that touches all of us at some point in our lifetime. Whether we lose a loved one, or a job, or experience a major life change, grief is a universal human experience that can be overwhelming, confusing, and painful. As someone who has personally experienced the grief journey, I know there is also the opportunity for healing, respect, purpose, and self-discovery. But first…we must talk about it. As a speaker, I share my insights and expertise around the experience of grief. I explain what grief is and how it affects us, the emotions of grief, and the many types of grief, including normal, masked, disenfranchised, delayed, anticipatory, and collective grief. I discuss how and why it’s essential to talk about the grief experience, how unique it is to everyone, how to support others that may be in the background, things to say and not to say, the importance of self-care and steps toward moving forward in healthy and positive ways. This is a unique educational experience that will last a lifetime.

Let’s talk grief.



Introduction to Grief Talk

  • Definition of Grief and The Loss of a Loved One

  • Identifying the Emotions of Grief

  • Common Myths & Misconceptions

  • Supporting Someone That is Grieving


We Talkin' Grief

  • Defining Grief and its Many Faces

  • Recognizing the Emotions of Grief

  • The Importance of Processing the Emotions

  • Coping Strategies: Self-Care, Support Systems


Grief By Any Other Name

  • Identifying Other Types of Grief (e.g., Anticipatory, Collective, Masked, Delayed, and Disenfranchised)

  • Identifying Ways to Heal

  • The Roel of Self Compassion

  • Open Discussion

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